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Though videos are used extensively for marketing, not everyone can afford to watch the videos since internet access is very expensive for some people, especially in India. Also internet access for a long period of time can be dangerous for a person under surveillance, since it is misused to make unauthorised changes to the computer. So well written articles or letters are still the most effective way to convey a message to a customer, vendor or larger audience.
Use the magic of words to
1. Write promotional copy for product or service for press releases or website content
2. Review products or service
3. Advertise your product or service for sale
4. List your product for sale in marketplaces
5. Defend yourself in letters or emails.

The writing skills of an individual are an indication of how well read and cultured a person is, a measure of the intellect. Today unfortunately most people judge a person solely based on his or her appearance, a fashionable person is automatically considered to be a great writer and well read. This is often not the case, many fashionable people, who are very smart speakers, may have extremely poor written communication skills. Many of these fashionable people are unable to even write a proper sentence or paragraph in English, when asked to, but are excellent bullies and liars, and these are considered to be "leadership qualities" by decision makers. These shallow "leaders" are then showered with great powers at the expense of a far more deserving person.

An example of extremely cruel bully flirt and liar who has misused this webmasters name to get great privileges is Siddhi Mandrekar,the daughter of sufal mandrekar. She cannot write in perfect english but seduces men to give her great privileges stolen from this webmaster. To see how this girlfriend looks like ceck http://www.teckler.com/en/niche/Indias-Matahari-293636 whose flirting skills make powerful men in India forget all rules of decency, humanity and business in exploiting a single woman.

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