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Copywriters are usually working in advertising agencies as well written titles and headlines will ensure that more people are interested in the ad and will read it completely, remember the message that it will convey and purchase the product or service that are being marketed or sold. While copywriting is conventionally associated with offline advertising especially print ads, for online advertising, well written ads can also increase the conversion rates.

Earlier most advertising was through the print media in magazines, newspapers and other periodicals. As they were a large number of advertisers, to ensure that they got very good response, ad agencies tried to ensure that their advertisement had a catchy /attractive title and content which would convey the desired message to the reader, Usually large display advertisements like full page advertisements have well written catchy slogans especially if they are selling a consumer product

Copywriting is also important for classified ads, though to a lesser extent, compared to larger display ads. while for recruitment ads, the requirement should be indicated clearly, when a product or service is being sold, a well written ad which clearly explains the benefits of the product or service being sold will greatly increase the number of leads and orders. So a individual or company which is planning to spend a large amount on advertising, should try to ensure that the advertisement is well written

Online, copywriting is important for free classified ads as well as paid per click advertising like google adwords. Writing a catchy title for a free classified ad on websites like craiglist will increase the number of visitors who will check the entire ad. In most online classified websites, only the title of the ad is initially displayed to visitors to the website, who then click on the ad to view the entire ad. Most classified websites do not allow the same ad to be posted repeatedly

For PPC advertising also well written ads will greatly increase the CTR for the ad. Earlier google adwords would display ads with a higher CTR more often, so copywriting for online PPC ads is challenging as there are many restrictions imposed, like the type of words, and the number of characters in the ad. Some advertisers try to reduce their advertising bill, by including the phone number in the ad

For outdoor advertising also, in addition to graphics, the advertisement content , words used are important. Usually most outdoor advertising does not have any images, only the product or service or property being sold is described. One of the major problems faced in India, is that the painters who paint the outdoor advertising do not have very good english skills, and there are many spelling and other mistakes in the outdoor advertisements, which can sometimes be hilarious

Smaller business owners will often try to advertise their product or service using flyers which are distributed along with the newspapers or handed out to people visiting a particular area. A well written advertisement which will properly market the product or service being sold, can greatly increase sales. Selling using flyers is particularly useful if the product or service is used regularly, as it is easier to retain the flyer compared to newspapers which are rather bulky

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